Solar Panel kit 100W 12V Battery Solar Charger for Outdoor Activities

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Solar Panel kit 100W 12V Battery Solar Charger for Home and Outdoor Activities.

This very high efficiency waterproof 100W 12V solar panel is perfect for permanent outdoor use to provide free electricity for charging 12V batteries 10A/20A Controller to power various applications such as in a camper van, motorhome, boat, shed, farm, as well as remote applications such as telecommunications or monitoring equipment. It can also be used to provide direct power supply for applications not sensitive to changes in input voltage / current (e.g. electric motors or pumps).

This mono solar module with its high-power output and the robust design the right solution for a stand-alone system. Even on cloudy days, the mono module delivers a high energy yield. The module is covered by a special tempered glass to protect against environmental conditions such as hail, snow and ice. A module frame made of anodized aluminium ensures the stability.



*Overload protection *Short-circuit protection *Lighting protection *Under-voltage protection *Reverse polarity protection


*LCD screen display *Easy operation interface *Fully automatic operation *Microcontroller digital accuracy *Parameter user can reset *A key to open and close the load *PWM charging mode (SOC) *Temperature compensation (with external temperature sensor) *DC12V & USB 5V charging for DC lamp and phone


Type: Solar Panel
Number of Panels: 1
Model Number: solar panel 200w 100w
Nominal Capacity: 100W
Material: Monocrystalline Silicon
is_customized: Yes
Size: 1210*541*35mm
Max. Power: 200W
Number of Cells: 24
Panel: 100W Mono solar module
Type: off grid system
Application: Camping/Hiking
Features: All Daylight Conditions, Corrosion Resistant
Subtype: Photovoltaic