Solar Street Light SSL-M01, Motion Sensor, 1000 Lumens LED, Waterproof

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Solar Street Light SSL-M01 is made mainly from cast aluminium and stainless steel. The solar panel converts sunlight into energy which is stored in the Li-ion rechargeable battery. The lights operates in 3 Modes: 300, 150 and High sensor 1000 Lumens. The light is perfect for residential, commercial and remote areas.


  • Type: Solar Street Light

  • LED:  1000 Lumens/10 W 

  • Type: SSL M01 

  • Li-ion Battery: 55.5 WH 

  • Solar Panel: 7 W 

  • Certification: CE, ROHS, FCC, BV, BSCI, ISO

  •  Install Height: 2.5M- 3M (60mm pole required)

  •  Waterproof: IP65 Rating

  •  Solar Charging Time: 11 hours by bright sunlight  

  •  Lighting Time: 7 nights  

  •  Material: Aluminium Alloy + Steel Glass 

  • Working Temperature – minus 25 degrees C to 65 degrees C

  •  Size: 505*227*164 mm 

  •  Warranty: 3 Year 

  •  Application:  Courtyard/Garden/ Park/Street/Roadway/pathway/Parking Lot/Private road/Sidewalk/Public square.

Main Function:

  • PIR Motion Sensor as a security system to alert a homeowner to motion nearby  

    and for Energy Saving; 

  • Smart Remote-Control Function to satisfy different Customer use.

  • Main Lighting mode as below:

  • Constant Brightness all the time (100%/60%/30%/10%)

  • Dim lighting + Motion sensor (30 seconds 60% High brightness)

  • Timer lighting Mode (6 Option)

  • Adaptive Lighting System (ALS 2.0) Technology to achieve all night lighting when Weather change.

  • Variable Frequency Technology (VFT) to Control and adjust the LED driver frequency to reach the max output of LED and Battery

  • Temperature Control System (TCS)to Protect the battery charging and discharging in high temperature.